It’s dark and miserable but don’t worry because soon enough winter will be a long distant memory. As the spring and summer month’s approach it’s time to take your motorhome out of storage and onto the open road.

However, if your vehicle hasn’t been used in a while it’s extremely important that you carry out the appropriate safety and maintenance checks before taking a trip.

So for peace of mind before you next head out, make sure you follow our maintenance checklist below:

  1. Spring clean-give your motorhome a thorough cleanse both inside and out to get rid of any residual dirt that could cause damage or deterioration over time
  2. Check for leaks– always ensure that you examine windows, doors and seals for any sign of damage. To ensure that your motorhome is leak proof, it’s even a good idea to soak the vehicle in water and ask someone to stay inside to see if they observe any leaks
  3. Damp– check for any signs of damp, mould or any unusual musty aromas that can usually indicate damp. Ensure that you open up all windows, doors and sky lights and completely air your vehicle.
  4. Gas System– Always be conscious to get your LPG appliances checked annually by a professional. They can check the safety and the operation of your gas system and can ensure that nothing has breached the system over the winter which could lead to problems.
  5. Water System– Flush out the entire water system thoroughly before use and make sure internal tanks are cleaned with a steriliser.
  6. Appliances-Always make sure that electrical appliances are not faulty and are in good working order.
  7. Weather damage-Look out for any signs that the winter weather may have damaged your vehicle.
  8. Tyres– it’s likely that your vehicle’s tyre pressures would have decreased over the winter period and this will need to be addressed before you set off on your next trip. Blowouts can lead to serious accidents so be aware of any signs of bulging, cracking, or low tread depth. Be sure to check the tyre sidewalls too for signs of hairline cracks or UV degradation.
  9. Check coolant and oil levels.
  10. Battery– if your motorhome is out of action for a while then consider charging the battery every 6 weeks.
  11. Check that the wiper blades are working correctly.
  12. Ensure that the TV satellite dish or antennae are positioned in the correct wayfor travel.
  13. Latch and close both exterior and interior doors.
  14. Check that all hoses and electrical cables are properly disconnectedand put away.
  15. Although your motorhome may be up-to-date service wise, it’s always a good idea to consider habitation services. Whilst your vehicle is in storage consider hiring a trained professional to inspect damp, electricals, and gas.
  16. Always ensure that your insurance, MOT and road fund licence are up to date.
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