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Motorhome insurance isn’t the most exciting topic in the world. Certainly, owning a motorhome gives you the freedom to take to the road and discover the many places in the UK. But it’s not all about the exciting adventure and picturesque spots because you need to make sure your motorhome is protected since it’s your second home.

Buying a motorhome is probably one of the most expensive things you will do, perhaps only secondary to a house purchase and it’s vital to make sure you have an insurance policy as fixing it can be very expensive. In this guide, we have put together all you need to know about motorhome insurance including what insurers insure motorhomes and how much is motorhome insurance.

Why do I need motorhome insurance?

There are several reasons why every motorhome should have insurance, but the principal reason is that it is required by law. Even if you don’t want to insure your motorhome, the law requires you to at least have a Third Party Only Cover to take care of other victims in case you’re involved in an accident. Other reasons include:

  • To protect against the financial cost of fixing the vehicle
  • To protect your possessions in the motorhome(such as awnings, gas bottles, portable generators etc.)
  • For the peace of mind it brings

What does Motorhome insurance cover?

The following cover is available for motorhome owners:

  • Cover for motorhomes
  • Cover for touring vans
  • Camper van cover
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third party, fire & theft
  • Third party only
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal expenses cover

How much is motorhome insurance?

One of the first questions that come to mind is ‘How much is insurance for a motorhome?’ To know how much is motorhome insurance UK, you will need to get a quote which usually varies from one motorhome owner to another.

Several factors are taken into consideration by insurers when determining how much motorhome insurance cost. The first determining factor is your age as several studies suggest that young and new drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes and this is why they usually pay higher premiums.

Furthermore, a fantastic driving record might also help as insurers look at the number of years of no claims bonus (NCB) even if it’s from driving a car. If you have an insurance cover and yet do not make claims each year, it improves your NCB which in turn will entitle you to significant discounts on your insurance premiums.

Going further, the next factor is your postcode since crime rates vary in different locations. Some locations have high incidents of theft and damage than others which increases the risk of the same happening to you. But if you stay in a rural area which is usually rated safer than an inner-city location, your premium may be lower. Having trackers, immobilisers and alarms will also help.

Also, where you park your motorhome overnight also counts in determining the cost of insuring your motorhome. Getting it inside a locked garage close to your home could get you some reductions compared to having it parked on the street. You might also get a discount on your premium if you store it in an accredited storage site with top-notch security. This will include locked gates, CCTV, security personnel and so on.

On the flip side, storage sites have their cons such as the high fees you need to pay to store your motorhome with some sites costing as much as £800 per year. Then you will also have to consider that although there are more than 500 sites in the country, the one in your area may not be near your home address.

Coming to the question of insurance when you leave motorhome abroad, we advise you check with your insurer since most policies only cover motorhomes stored in the UK.

Where can I get motorhome insurance?

Now that we have covered the cost of insurance premiums, the next thing to know is where to buy motorhome insurance. Motorhome insurance providers usually offer cover that’s competitively priced, so it’s best to compare insurance quotes. Here are some popular motorhome insurers:


SafeGuard are specialists in caravan and motorhome insurance, offering a range of insurance products to suit the needs of their customers. With over 30 years experience coupled with their vast knowledge, you can be assured of getting a comprehensive cover at an affordable price.

Sureterm Direct

Sureterm Direct is a reputable insurance company that’s known for providing incredible policies at a competitive price. They pride themselves on their superb and reliable service as well as their custom-built policies that perfectly meet the needs of their customers.

Comfort Insurance

This is another insurer to consider if you’re wondering where to buy motorhome insurance. Having been in business for over ten years, they have stayed true to their philosophy – a top quality product backed by efficient, customer-friendly service.

Caravan Club Insurance

This insurer’s scheme is only available to members of the club with a wide range of product offerings at an affordable price. Their caravan scheme is the largest in the UK and any all surplus income generated is used to improve Club sites and other caravanning-related services.

How to get a cheap motorhome insurance

We often get asked questions like ‘How much should I pay for motorhome insurance?’, ‘How much does motorhome insurance usually cost?‘ or ‘What is the cheapest motorhome insurance?’. While the price of motorhome insurance varies, the average insurance cost for a motorhome is around £400 annually.

Make sure that when you are comparing quotes, you are comparing like-for-like and make sure the policy covers you and your motorhome for precisely what you need to be covered.

In addition, installing a few safety measures can entitle you to significant discounts on your insurance premiums.

Examples of devices on the market to secure your motorhome include wheel clamps, steering wheel locks, an alarm, an immobiliser, a tracking device, gear locks etc. To wrap it up, we recommend that you use specialist brokers because they know a lot about motorhomes and what extra cover you need.

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