There’s not much that can rival a motorhome holiday because you can pack up all your luxuries (provided you don’t exceed the weight limit) kick back and enjoy the open road.

With attentions turning to the new season next spring, how about making your next trip that little bit more special by trying out some new motorhome accessories?

Bike Rack

Motorhomes can be perfect for exploring the remote countryside, but once you get to your destination there aren’t many better ways to explore the local surroundings than on a bike. The UK is becoming more cycle-friendly and there are lots of cycle paths that allow you to explore the countryside, so why not bring along a bike rack next time you hit the road.


Depending on the size of your vehicle, some motorhome owners complain that they don’t have enough space whilst away on holiday. One solution to this problem could be awnings. There are many different types of awnings to choose from, from pole to inflatable, with size and costs varying quite dramatically. Please give us a call on 01634 666644 we will be happy to help and advise you on the options available.

Fold-up outdoor furniture

When the weather is beautiful and you are stationed at your camp site it’s time to enjoy the warmth and embrace the views. To make the most of your holiday make sure you have some fold-up furniture on hand so you can set-up outside and enjoy the outdoors. If you’re space conscious then don’t worry because there some great space-saving options out there that won’t take up too much room.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV has become enshrined in our daily ritual which is why the thought of weeks without TV is off-putting for most. If going a few weeks without watching your favourite TV show is too much to handle then consider installing satellite into your motorhome. It’s pretty simple to do and it could stave off any potential arguments on the road!


Some campsites offer access to free wi-fi, but if you are located a few hundred metres away from the original source of the signal, you may find that browsing the net is all but impossible. Fear not though because there are a range of wi-fi boosters on the market that will enable you to pick up signals from long distances.

Battery Lanterns

The sun is drawing in but you want to enjoy a nice beverage on your outdoor furniture- battery operated lanterns are just what you need because they can provide just enough light to see you through. Available in a range of designs, as long as you remember the batteries you’ll have no problems enjoying the outdoors once the sun has gone down.


One thing that’s almost certain is that if you pitch at a campsite you will be close to plenty of big, strong trees- perfect for hammocks. Although not everybody’s first choice, a hammock is a fine option if you want to relax in the sunshine and they can be rolled up with ease, freeing up valuable storage space for other items.


Last but by no means least, who could forget the sacred barbecue? Your motorhome may well be fitted with a perfect kitchen, but nothing quite says, or smells ,‘holiday’, like an outdoor barbecue. If you’re not keen on forking out lots of money, you can even pick up a disposable one for a few pounds.

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